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Welcome To the World of Power Supremacy

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Selamat datang di kelas supremasi kekuatan, Cara Membangkitkan Pacar yang Membosankan, Kota Selama 7 Hari, Tuan: Raja Mayat Hidup, Mencintai Ru, Apakah Salah Mencoba Menjemput Gadis di Penjara Bawah Tanah, Honkai Impact 3rd, Pembunuh Dewa di Langit Takdir untuk sementara selesai, dan dia dan Nayiko mulai di Sekolah Menengah Iblis.

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Judul Singkat:WTWPS
Judul Asli:欢迎来到实力至上主义的世界
Author:I am the system
Weekly Rank:#1396
Monthly Rank:#1763
All Time Rank:#2305
Label:Academy, Antihero Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Game Ranking System, God Protagonist, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Multiple Personalities, Polygamy, System, System Administrator, Time Skip,
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  1. acts exactly like a sub isekai protagonist towards girls, only cares about "beautiful girl" this "beautiful girl that", he went too far, and killed a bunch of people because kei was bullied in her past, like bro its the modern world, maybe frame them / send them to prison or teach them a lesson but this dude went too far, i am at chapter 86 mc acting submissive and meek towards the girls, makes me want to vomit, like bro, you werent acting like that in the first world what the f happened? even justifying not doing it with the childhood sweetheart and other sht, what a disgusting hypocrite...

  2. I see some people just write, about mc just collect a girl but not touching it, so sad the mc is eunc and what threesome for by the way???? For 2 uncle with mc woman????

  3. done reading. the story of mc relying on system to become stronger end at highschool of dxd. after that, it all about mc and the girls on other worlds. the system already useless, even the interaction in mc small world no longer exist(so why create the small world in the first place, it doesnt have any effect on mc). and mc keep restraining himself to always be like ordinary people at other worlds to interact and have fun with the girls, while having a lot of misunderstanding cuz of it. well, it doesnt matter. just complain.

  4. mc op cuz he is the king of order, so, the world consciousness( include all creatures under the world will except human men if mc wanted to, and he has divine will to let them(even enemies) follow him unconditionally) catered to him. whatever he want, the world will can give it to him, even the law of the worlds are under mc control. but, sometime mc just like to pretend to be forced.

  5. like Date A Live, mc be like ordinary people, he already include DEM and AST under him,(mc said he dont care about the original plot, and even said let the story flow on it's on, but what mc did was contrary to what he said, in order to not let the original plot disorder, he put kotori's sister and her sister(Maya) to sleep for 30 years(from the first spaceshock), then let kotori's sister join the Itsuka's(female) family as an orphan), then he let Ellen create DEM, and let Karen create Ratatoskr and AST. and in order to let the plot continue as the original, mc order Ratatoskr to create Fraxinus, and let kotori be the commander. even for the plot too, mc change Mana's little sister to have a power to seal the Spirit. and then mc pretend to be ordinary transfer student. The most important thing at that time was, mc obviously can solve the spirit world perfectly, but he didnt, he want to fix it slowly and let those Spirit girl continued to descend as the original Anime. (this is what mc said to let the story flow itself) ,,,zZz,,,

  6. almost to the end of the world, those girls still didnt know about mc power, the one that knows about him except Ellen and Karen was Tokisaki Kurumi(she know mc power when she's go back to the past 30 years to try to stop the first calamity), Yamai Yuzuri and Yamai Kaguya.

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